Splunk Conference 2019: COCUS Data Analytics Expert is back on stage the third year in a row! 


On 24th of October our Data Analytics & Cloud Expert Martin Senebald will be back on stage with an own breakout session the third year in a row at Splunk Conference .conf2019 in Las Vegas. This years topic is “Demonstraion of value with Splunk Business Flow”.

The .conf2019 is the Splunk Event of the Year, takes over 4 days and revolves around the power of machine data, and how companies can extract valuable information from it. More than 10,000 Splunk enthusiasts, partners and experts will attend the more than 300 lectures and sessions to learn more about the latest Splunk products and applications.


With Splunk>, the leading operational intelligence platform, machine data can be collected, analyzed and exploited from various sources in real time. Its powerful and diverse capabilities enable organizations to quickly gain insights to make their business more productive, profitable, competitive, and secure.


Breakout Session „Demonstrating value with Splunk Business Flow“


Data science is one of todays most prominent buzz words. But in addition to data storage and analysis, the information from processes themselves can also provide valuable insights. For many companies, data-based process analysis therefore represents a decisive opportunity for virtually merging data and identifying unique optimization potential. This provides valuable insights to management, plant owners and operations teams. In order to reconstruct and visualize such processes, COCUS AG uses Splunk and is also a long-standing Splunk Technology Partner.

As organizations look to extend Splunk to new datasets for new business process insights, it is crucial to have the right data to work with. However Splunk teams can get stuck demonstrating the value of new solutions without having data available. Based on its early use of Splunk Business Flow, the COCUS team has pioneered innovative approaches to simulating the business value of Splunk. Some very intelligent approaches to data sampling, data preparation, and query optimization can dramatically accelerate your ability to create value from more data.  In the session of this years Splunk conf19, you will learn some of these techniques so you can quickly make a business case and demonstrate the value for Splunk Business Flow in your organization.


Date & Time

Demonstrating the value of Splunk Business Flow

Thursday, October 24, 2019

1:00 PM-1:45 PM Las Vegas

(22.00 – 22.45 CET)

Martin Senebald

Expert Data Analytics & Cloud


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