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Today it is more important than ever to know what is going on and where one stands to keep up with competition and make the right decisions. The conditions for this were never better than today: more and more sources provide more insightful data that supply valuable information.

With expert knowledge and innovative technologies for data analytics, we help you to profitably utilize the immense potential of big data – for an instant overview as well as insights into the smallest details and answers to all relevant issues.

Analyse the now

Real-time insights bring competitive advantages. Analyze the results of recent decisions and take advantage of new trends. Don’t wait until the next report.

Analyse anything

Your platform should accept any possible kind of data. Media and social networks, machines and sensors, cash register receipts and ad impressions: One never knows what benefits this might yield.

Find answers to all questions

Your platform should be able to answer any question. Including those which you didn’t consider yet during preparations. Flexibility and extensibility are crucial.




Data Analytics Technologies


Celonis Process Mining

Visualize and analyze processes in real time, and maximize transparency – based on current data. Innovative technology from Celonis enables executives to gain insights quickly and delve deeper into the details of every single element of a process with just a few clicks.

COCUS has extensive experience with business processes in the areas of telecommunication, finance, and IT governance.

As a certified partner, we support you from the outset – right up to training of your users.

Splunk Enterprise

Make your machine data accessible, usable and worthwhile for everyone. Splunk is the leading platform for operative data analysis. It can index diverse machine data, creates data schemas on the fly, and allows flexible reporting. This combination makes it the market solution with the fastest benefits.

COCUS knows where to find decisive data which depict the status of the IT landscape, and how they maximize your benefits.

We help increase the potential of your data: Whether for IT operations, security, or business analysis.

cocus partner splunk Plattform für Operational Intelligence

Hadoop – Spark Stack

Fulfil all possible requirements for information and evaluation – with open-source technologies for big data processing. No matter whether for structured or unstructured data, texts, video files or other media: The market offers open-source solutions which can efficiently process a wide variety of data.

COCUS is familiar with their complexity. We are at your service, with our experience and automation approach to platform management.

Our teams assist you in setting up and managing your big data platform.


What we offer you

We support you during every phase of your big-data project: With consultancy, engineering and project support, as well as managed services such as IT operations and end-to-end monitoring.

  • Consultancy, conception and design on the basis of IT architecture and business analysis

  • Implementation, establishment and operation of big-data platforms

  • Data integration, front-end development, dashboard and app provision

  • Project management as well as rollout and follow-up support

  • Performance monitoring, analysis and optimization

  • Security monitoring and analysis as well as IT forensics

  • Process optimization, automation and monitoring

  • BI support, including analysis development and data evaluation

  • Business-process mining and analysis of machine-generated data

  • Big-data management, data monitoring, operation of the monitoring platform

  • Scaling of big-data platforms with a focus on high availability

  • Support over the data platform’s entire life cycle

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COCUS at Splunk Conference 2019 in Las Vegas

21.10.2019|Comments Off on COCUS at Splunk Conference 2019 in Las Vegas

On 24.10 our Martin Senebald, expert for Data Analytics & Cloud at COCUS, is back on stage at Splunk .con19 talking about „Demonstrating the value of Splunk Business Flow“.

COCUS at Splunk Conference 2018 in Orlando

27.9.2018|Comments Off on COCUS at Splunk Conference 2018 in Orlando

Am 04. Oktober hält Martin Senebald, Unit Manager Data Analytics & Cloud bei der COCUS AG, auf der Splunk Conference 2018 einen Vortrag zum Thema „Process Mining using Splunk“.

Unternehmen schöpfen Investitionen nicht aus

16.1.2018|Comments Off on Unternehmen schöpfen Investitionen nicht aus

Laut einer aktuellen Studie haben 45 Prozent der deutschen Unternehmen in den letzten fünf Jahren in Technologien investiert, deren Nutzen sie bislang nicht voll ausschöpfen. Oliver Hüttig, Vorstand der COCUS AG, erklärt in der Funkschau was Unternehmen bei Investitionen in Technologien beachten sollten.

Unternehmen haben Probleme bei der gezielten Nutzung von Kundendaten

30.11.2017|Comments Off on Unternehmen haben Probleme bei der gezielten Nutzung von Kundendaten

Wie Industry-of-Things.de berichtet, sind viele Marken weiterhin nicht in der Lage, Kundendaten für Strategien zu nutzen, mit denen sie die Kundentreue sichern können. Laut einer neuen Studie verwendet mehr als die Hälfte aller befragten Unternehmen alte oder sogar falsche Kundendaten. Wie man relevante Daten erhält und am besten für den Geschäftserfolg einsetzt, verrät COCUS-Vorstand Oliver Hüttig.