Digital Signage: digitale advertising at the POS/POI

Unique cloud solution for stationary and mobile marketing 

Digital Signage is a content delivery platform (CDP) for the location-related distribution of digital advertising content. What makes our solution unique? The combination of mobile phone use, real-time transmission, and multimedia support. Website, animation, or video: you just place your advertising content in the web portal and then, at the press of a button, distribute it to stationary and mobile advertising screens wherever they are.

The usual advertising screens, many still stationary, are mostly supplied with data via LAN/WLAN or manual uploading. With the former, you have limited ranges. With the latter, you have a lot of work, and content distribution can be severely delayed, depending on the number and location of the terminal devices. But the greater the POS/POI coverage and the more up-to-date the content, the greater the chances of success. And If you don’t even have to have an IT infrastructure for it, so much the better – and yet another reason for digital signage.


Convenient remote control

In the web portal, you control the time, the length, the content, and the placing: just upload your content, define the place, the radius, and the schedule, then start or time your advertising.

Efficient campaigns

With a minimum of time, cost, and personnel, you can roll out complete campaigns digitally. Not least thanks to the many supported advertising formats: from stills to videos.


Pin-pointed advertising

Mobile M2M boxes ensure reception at the terminal device: dashboard display, advertising column, video wall, tablet, cellphone, etc. If a box changes the advertising location, the content changes automatically.

Big coverage

With mobile communications, you can transmit your content to almost any destination – local, regional, global. Your adverts can run location-related in real time even in buses, trams, and taxis.


Full control

In the web portal, you have everything at a glance: the boxes, contents, and schedules of a particular location, whether all boxes are active, and what’s currently running and where – including a remote screenshot.

Flexible Technology

You can have any number of M2M boxes, and you can scale your solution component as required – e.g., the LBS server. You can even define the GUI design of the web portal.

We offer this solution as a managed service including configuration, hosting, and support. So you have no IT expenses and need no special know-how. For you, it all runs with plug-and-play.

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