Reposito: digitale sales receipts and more

Lucrative add-on for your mobile wallet

Reposito is a value-added solution that makes your wallet service more attractive for online and offline dealers: With the digital sales receipt, you can implement numerous new loyalty and CRM functions or interlink existing solutions even better. You can then increase your own turnover and create an interesting added value for your customers. A win-win scenario that is easy to put into practice. Just integrate Reposito in your wallet or connect it via an interface – as SaaS solution or managed service.

Experience shows that more and more consumers want to access their sales receipts digitally. This is particularly true of mobile-payment users. What is also true is that mobile payment is on the increase. That means that the demand for digital sales receipts will increase even more. A chance that you can turn to your own good. Help dealers to meet customer requirements – with Reposito.




Ready-to-hand sales receipts

Receipts, invoices, and sales slips are simple to digitize and very easy to manage, and can be stored safely and in a legally valid form. Thus, they are always available in case of a warranty claim.

Efficient all-in-one solution

Thanks to Reposito – quickly and easily connected to current checkout systems – you can offer loyalty and CRM functions with your product in addition to wallet features. All in one.

Transparent spendings

Thanks to digital sales receipts, all purchases and therefore all money spent is always traceable and transparent. Reposito thus simplifies personal finance management (PFM).

High user acceptance

Just the digital sales receipt gives you this. So you have optimum conditions to increase customer retention and loyalty. In this way, Reposito makes your wallet even more interesting for dealers.

Rewarding extra service

Customer cards, discount coupons, customer info for product recall or guarantee expiry, and personalized offers such as safe conduct or warranty extensions: Reposito provides customer service.

New sales potentials

As an effective modern marketing instrument, Reposito provides convincing sales arguments for your mobile wallet – also for stationary dealers who want to compete with e-commerce.

In short: Reposito makes more of your business – and also improves your image. If you use digital instead of paper sales receipts, you demonstrate environmental awareness and a spirit of innovation.

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