Tasker: mobile task management and time recording

Clevere smartwatch solution for your business 

Manage your work assignments and record working times in an instant: Tasker makes it possible – as a mobile equivalent of your central task or assignment management system (TMS/AMS). Tasker is a cloud-based solution with mobile app and smartwatch including SIM card. This means you can transmit tasks directly to employees wherever they are. The status and working time flow back automatically to the central system. And all this in real time.

Satisfied employees are just as important as lean processes and optimum use of resources. So you are well on track with Tasker. Your employees are happy to have less administrative work. Your head office can plan more efficiently: particularly in the case of fluctuating work volumes, lots of field work, or alternating freelancers, temporary staff, and stand-ins.

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Flexible applications 

The Smartwatch is scratchproof and waterproof and can therefore be used anywhere. Thanks to the mobile solution, even new staff can be connected immediately to the central TMS/AMS.

Greater resource efficiency 

With Tasker, jobs are easier to coordinate – for optimal utilization. And administrative expenses are significantly reduced. That saves time, which can be better used for value-adding tasks.

Very easy usability

On the touchscreen of the smartwatch, staff can accept and close assignments with the tap of a finger. Time recording is just as simple – via the start, stop, and pause buttons.

Maximum security

Data flows without media disruption as well as automatic synchronization and transmission ensure process security. The app in kiosk mode prevents any inappropriate smartwatch usage.

Continuous real-time information

Thanks to mobile phone communication, even new assignments are immediately visible to staff. Since the work status and times flow back direct to the TMS/AMS, head office is always up to date.

Ready-to-use solution

Unwrap your smartwatch, put it on, and switch it on. And off you go. We have done everything else for you in advance: from app installation to system connection to SaaS provision.

With Tasker, you benefit from a simple, profitable solution that also looks good. On request, you can even have the White-Label app designed individually – e.g. in your corporate design.

Sounds good? You would like to know more? 

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