tCPAnalyzer: efficient measuring and monitoring of network quality

Ready-to-go SaaS solution for a leading IP performance

Whether you are a corporate network administrator, internet provider, network operator (carrier) or network optimizer: tCPAnalyzer (tCPA) makes the measurement and monitoring of IP performance as seen by the user (real user experience) extremely simple – from data throughput of up- and downloads to loading times of websites and videos to streaming interruptions and detailed IP statistics (retransmissions). And that in WiFi, cabled and in mobile phone networks: worldwide, in real-time, and end-to-end. Moreover it is automated, standardized, and gives reproducible reports. This means you get reliable and most of all comparable results fast and easily.

Main Highlights:

Flexible client support

tCPA supports various client types: PC, laptop, smartphone, etc. (Linux, Mac OS X and Android). The only requirement is internet capability, whether via modem, surf-stick, handy tethering, or LTE chip.

Worldwide real-time measurement E2E

The connect servers all over the world enable real-time measurements between clients and target systems around the world – and provide capture files as well as trace data centrally.

How good is your IP-Performance?

Measure it!

In an all-IP world, IP performance is a significant success and differentiating factor. It increases the satisfaction of staff and customers and raises productivity and turnover. A prerequisite for constant top performance: you have to keep your eye on it so that you can optimize it if necessary. A complex undertaking. Not least because of heterogeneous network components, regional differences in network development, and time-dependent variation of shared infrastructures. Plus, there is no absolute measure of IP performance. This just leaves a comparison, which in addition to bearer service, regionality, and time, also has to take account of the applications (download, upload, streaming, etc.). For every relevant application, that means regular measurements in identical conditions, for example simultaneous test runs in different regions. An enormous effort, which tCPA reduces to a minimum for you.

The Tool


Intuitive operation

The tCPA control server provides an intuitive web cockpit. That means you can easily manage clients, measurement profiles, user rights, etc. control clients, and retrieve results.

Detailed overall picture

In the cockpit, you have all measuring runs and results at your fingertips: including raw data, TCP report, and evaluation (box plot, CDF diagram, histogram, etc.) together with comparison and download options.

Various test options

Test webpage and content load times, up-/download speed, startup time, stallings, and the quality of videos (runtime in SD, HD, Full HD) etc. – standardized according to your specifications.

Customized comparisons 

With the integrated workbench you can easily compare your most important results. Which data, analysis or results you would like to compare, is totally up to you – just drag the respective graphs into the workbench.

Automatisierte Testroutinen

Einmal konfiguriert, übernehmen die Clients pünktlich und zuverlässig alle Performance-Tests in Ihrem Wunschturnus – gesteuert und verwaltet vom Control-Server. Das spart Zeit und Geld.

  • Es können Kampagnen definiert werden, die von den Clients im Zusammenspiel mit einem Tracing- Server abgearbeitet werden
  • Der Analyse-Server steuert den Ablauf und sorgt für die Evaluierung direkt nach erfolgter Übertragung der Messdaten

And perhaps the best is: you can get going straightaway – thanks to simple installation of your clients (SaaS) and predefined, easily adaptable templates for the most common performance tests.

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