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Landline networks, cable networks, and mobile networks are growing together. The internet gets bigger by the day. And the IPv4 addresses have nearly been used up. This has been predicted for a long time. As early as 1998, the first IPv6 Standard was introduced to give network providers and companies a future-proof alternative. But instead, NAT and PAT (network/port address translation) are mostly used today, which get around the address scarcity artificially. But these methods too have outlived their day. So IPv6 will also soon be a topic for everyone. For us it has been a topic for years, so we can make the changeover to IPv6 as simple and rewarding as possible for our customers.



How we support you

The challenge is not in the introduction of IPv6 but in migrating or transferring evolved IPv4 structures to the IPv6 world. We support in meeting this challenge. With excellent know-how in telecommunication and data network matters. Also with many years of project experience in the introduction and integration of IPv6 in complex network landscapes. We know the topic from the view of customers and services with all its security aspects; new transport protocols always mean new risks too. Moreover, we have at our fingertips many new technologies that ease the IP changeover. That means we can support you optimally, whether as consultant or as implementation partner for your projects.

What we offer

In the meantime, the IPv6 protocol is standardized. So from a technical point of view, there are no further hurdles. Whenever you decide to go ahead, we will be there for you – among other things with the following services:

  • Conception and design for IPv6 introduction

  • Introduction and integration in data, voice, and convergent networks

  • Technical and economic analyses for the implementation

  • Test support and fault analyses with end-to-end service view

  • Project and program management

  • Comprehensive security analyses

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