Mobile Payment and NFC

360-degree view as gurantee for success

The advantages of mobile payment are obvious. Mobile phone providers can open up an attractive new business area, merchants offer modern, convenient payment methods, banks develop profitable new sales channels. And all can reinforce both customer loyalty and customer satisfaction – provided your solution is not only user-friendly but also secure and easy to manage technically. That’s where the holistic, neutral consulting approach of COCUS pays. We provide you with a 360-degree view of all relevant aspects and support you down to the last detail – for a perfectly precise and successful implementation of your mobile payment project.

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How we support you

Our experts know the requirements of mobile phone providers and merchants as well as the needs of users. Whether cellphone technologies such as NFC (near-field communication) or other mobile alternatives to classical payment methods. Whether process handling and usability or data security and data protection. Whether mobile wallets, ticketing, digital sales receipts or reward and loyalty programs. We examine these and other topics from all sides in order to make the planned solution simple and secure: for mobile phone providers, merchants, and users.

What we offer

We process your questions and tasks individually and comprehensively. Plus: our experts act as a valuable link between the involved divisions of your company such as marketing or IT. Committed to our holistic approach we offer you far more than qualified consultation:

  • Development of precise solution concepts

  • Development and optimization of mobile payment solutions

  • Provision of ready-to-use add-ons (e.g. digital sales receipts)

  • Launching of mobile payment products

  • Product and project management (including PM office)

  • Services such as training or process and IT out-tasking



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