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MySQL from Oracle is the world’s favorite open source database. For a good reason. After all, companies of all sizes can profit enormously if everything important is taken into account – in particular critical business factors such as high availability and scalability, or backup and recovery. As Oracle Gold Partner and MySQL experts, we support you with watertight implementation concepts and many other services – always on fair conditions. This paves the way to your desired solution: powerful, future-proof, and efficient. And you can easily secure all MySQL benefits.



Our offers span over the following areas:

Our Competence Center supports you in every phase of your Big Data project: with Consulting, Engineering and Project Support as well as Managed Services like IT-Support or end-to-end Monitoring.



As specialist for MySQL and as Oracle Goldpartner COCUS offers various consulting support, individually tailored to your company. The result are high-performance, scalable and cost-efficient  database applications.

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We know, how important good support is. Therefore our service offer are always tailored to your individual needs and include all areas of our MySQL Solutions. And in order to always feel supported, that you get exactly the support you need at every time, we offer up to 24/7 remote services.



We also offer various trainings so that your employees can make the most of MySQL and your databases. You can choose between hands-on training for your employees by our experts parallel to the integration in your house, or extensive theory trainings in our offices. We are flexible and support you in accordance with your needs.

To realise all benefits right from the beginning of the implementation, there should be an overall concept regarding high availability, scaling, data back ups and recovery.  We support you with

  • strategic and goal-orientated MySQL consulting and support
  • high-performance, scalable and cost-efficient database applications
  • MySQL consulting fixed price packages
  • High availability & high performance
  • Monitoring
We also support you after the first implementation phase with

  • 2nd level support for your databases
  • support for the whole high performance-/ high availability or back-up solution
  • individuelle and tailored services and support
  • remote service: depending on your needs up to 24/7
  • local support
We are also flexible with regard to the language of the training.  Our experts are proficient as well in german as in englisch and present the topics in an easy and uncomplicated way.

  • Hands-on training with simultaneous local installation as fixed price offer
  • depending on your needs extensive theory training or interactive workshops
  • trainings for beginners as well as experts
  • we can support you with a training infrastructure (mobile server)
  • Training in your our our offices
  • in german or english

How we support you

We work out solid results for you, quickly and economically: thanks to differentiated consulting elements that can be combined flexibly. This produces tailor-made recommendations and concepts, also designed for efficiency. That means: in addition to commercial high-end products, we also use tried and tested open source software. We also do everything possible to make you fit for day-to-day operation. We familiarize you with all important solution aspects and actions. And we pass on to you the methods we have developed so that you can go on with the work. That makes outside help just about superfluous, and you can get the best out of it for yourself.

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What we offer

Regardless of whether we are talking about professional consulting, a secure, performant and scalable solution, or efficient database management – all that should be open to any company. We therefore offer MySQL consulting packages at a fixed price, plus affordable individual services according to your requirements:

  • Actual-condition analyses, target-state planning, and implementation concepts

  • Strategic MySQL consultation that satisfies your requirements and is target-oriented

  • Cluster concepts plus replication and failover procedures

  • Solutions for data backup and recovery

  • Monitoring solutions such as MySQL Enterprise Monitoring and other commercial systems

  • Load balancing and database tuning such as query or performance optimization etc.

  • Implementation, initial support, and follow-up care

  • Hands-on training and theory seminars in German or English

  • Second-level support, 24/7 remote service, on-site service on demand

Our packages

MySQL basic package

Our MySQL basic package offers you fast and cost-efficient results. The package includes theory as well as practical improvements around your database. After the project was successfully employed you can continue to use our tools and methods independently of us.

  • present/future/planned documentation
    • Assessment of the present situation
    • planning and documentation of the future situation
    • planning and assistants for the transition phase
  • Slow Query Analyse
    • Overview of the computationally intensive queries
    • Request optimization
  • Analyse douple indizes
  • Focuses recommendations
  • fixed price

Backup & Restore

Our back-up and recovery solutions distinguish themselves through grounded theory as well as a fast and easy implementation. Our experts support you to improve your databases and ensure your data is protected and save at any time.

  • Hot-Backup Master/Slave
    • Erstellen eines Konzeptes zur performanten Sicherung der Datenbank ohne Service-Unterbrechung
    • Bei Master/Master bzw. Master/Slave Konfiguration kreuzweises sichern
  • Point-in-Time-Recovery
    • securing Binlogs – Recovery down to a second possible
  • Disaster Recovery
    • Sichern und Neuaufsetzen des Datenbank-Servers nach einem Totalausfall

MySQL – High availability und high performance

Enterprise for everyone: with our expertise and services for a reasonable price we can provide any company with a high-performance and efficient database management. Depending on your needs open source solutions can be also combined with high end commercial solutions. Thanks to a concept with on various elements including hardware and software as well as goal-orientated  services, you can exploit all MySql benefits for your company.

  • Ausfallsicherheit through  Master/Slave or Master/Master configuration
  • Loadbalancing through F5 Loadbalancer, HA-Proxy or MaxScale Proxy
  • Synchronous replication and scalability through Galera Cluster in connection with Loadbalancer
  • Monitoring
    • MySQL Enterprise Monitoring and other widely used monitoring systems, e.g. Nagios

By the way: we also provide you with commercial MySQL licenses, so you can kill two birds with one stone: You get database software including support and are also entitled to support services from two sources – COCUS and Oracle.

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