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Best practices of the pioneers

The complexity of project, program and portfolio management is constantly growing. So it pays to have a central project management office. The PMO helps to keep everything in view, control and harmonize it properly, and deal with it transparently and efficiently – for maximum project performance, whether national or international. This is where we support you. Not only with certified consultants and internationally established methods of the highest standard for portfolio, program and project offices (P3O). But also with our lead in knowledge and experience – as one of Germany’s PMO pioneers.

How we support you

We accompany you as consultants, organizers, and implementation partners. Optionally, we can supply you with a needs-based PMO or support you in setting up and running your own – with everything that goes with it. From resource planning, team building, and know-how transfer, also as managed service (PMO on demand); to tool and process optimization as well as the establishing of company-wide standards; right down to deadline, cost, and quality monitoring. We make synergies usable across all sectors and make sure that project progress can be tracked seamlessly. Moreover, we ensure smooth procedures and communication as well as measurable successes in the schedules and budgets – with possible project cost savings in double-digit percentages. On the bottom line, that means for you: maximum efficiency, transparence, and result quality.

What we offer

In addition to industry and technology experts, you can expect from us specialists in contract management, partner management etc. We provide you with an absolutely individual needs-oriented consulting team – and of course all the PMO services you require:


  • PMO planning and implementation

  • Development of guiding standards for the project landscape

  • Supply of template kits and bundles

  • Project planning, organization and control

  • Coordination and control of project portfolios

  • Establishment of project control mechanisms

  • Planning, coordination and optimization of resources

  • Startup support for new projects

  • Project controlling and reporting

  • Training of project personnel

  • P3O certification of staff

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