Digital Identity Management for Your Business –

Easy, Secure and GDPR Compliant

Leaving the management of personal data to the user without the effort of data protection and identity management: that’s ownid, the blockchain-as-a-service platform for decentralized identity management. Despite the complexity of blockchain technologies, ownid allows an easy implementation of decentralized applications – cost-efficient, modular and without the need of specific know-how.

Digital identity management is complex, costly and yet necessary for every digital business – as well as full of obstacles. Cyber attacks and data theft are increasing dramatically. In particular, centralized databases are a risk and the follow-up cost could count up to millions. Therefore, it’s good not to let security gaps arise and to be secure in terms of data-protection law. Even better if the implementation is quick, easy and flexible – as with ownid.

Your ownid benefits at a glance

Blockchain without prior knowledge

GDPR compliant

Decentralized and cryptographically secured

ownid Use Cases