tCPAnalyser: Efficient measurement and monitoring of network quality

Ready-to-use SaaS solution for a leading IP performance

Whether for corporate network administrators, Internet service providers, network operators (carriers) or network optimizers: tCPAnalyser (tCPA) maximizes ease of measurement and monitoring of IP performance – the real user experience is measured, from data throughput during uploads and downloads through loading times for web pages and videos to streaming interruptions and detailed IP statistics (re-transmissions). This applies to (W)LAN as well as the mobile network: worldwide, in real time and end to-end. Furthermore, the process is automated, standardized and reproducible. You thus have fast and easy access to reliable and, above all, comparable results.

Your advantages: 

Flexible client support

tCPA supports several types of clients: PC, laptop, smartphone (Linux, Mac OS X and Android) – as long as Internet capability is given, whether via modem, surfstick, cell-phone tethering or LTE chip.

Real-time E2E measurement worldwide

Connection servers distributed worldwide allow real-time measurements between clients and target systems around the globe – and make capture-files as well as trace-data centrally available.

How good is your IP performance?

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In an all-IP world, IP performance is a significant success and differentiating factor. It increases the satisfaction of staff and customers and raises productivity and turnover. A prerequisite for constant, top performance: It must be monitored constantly to allow optimization where necessary. This is a complex undertaking – not least of all due to heterogeneous network components, regional differences in network expansion and time-dependent variance of shared infrastructures. Plus, there is no absolute measure of IP performance. This just leaves a comparison, which in addition to carrier service, regionality, and time, also has to take account of the applications (download, upload, streaming, etc.). For each relevant application, this requires regular measurements under identical conditions, such as simultaneous test runs in different regions. An enormous effort, which tCPA reduces to a minimum for you.

The tool


Clear and intuitive operation

The tCPA control server offers an intuitive web cockpit. It allows you to conveniently and easily manage clients, measurement profiles, user rights etc., control clients and retrieve results.

Detailled overview

The cockpit keeps all test runs and results ready for you: This includes raw data, TCP report and evaluation (box plot, CDF diagram, histogram etc.) as well as comparison and download options.

Diverse measuring and test options

Test web-page and content loading times, upload/download speeds, start times, stalling and quality of videos (running times in SD, HD, full HD) and much more – standardized according to your requirements.

Individual comparison options

The integrated workbench allows direct comparisons so that you can analyze data of particular importance. Via drag & drop, you can easily and conveniently select the data to be compared.

Automated test routines

Once configured, the clients conduct all performance tests punctually and reliably at the intervals you desire – controlled and managed from the control server. That saves time and money.

  • It is possible to define campaigns which are processed by the clients interacting with a tracing server.
  • The analysis server controls the process and ensures evaluation immediately after transmission of the measured data.

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And perhaps the best of all: You can get started right away – thanks to easy installation of your client (SaaS) and predefined, easily customizable templates for the most common performance tests.

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