With our concentrated IT know-how and long-standing project experience across all sectors and corporate divisions, we consult and support you professionally and goal-orientated.

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Working together with others can get more done – after all, who has endless capacities? Whenever you need support, we are there to help. With our concentrated IT know-how and immense project experience across all sectors and corporate divisions. In addition with a complete program of software-related services – technically up to date and tailored just for you. That means you can not only exploit innovation potentials: you also gain time and options for propelling your business forward.

Your COCUS benefit on top: complete all-round services. From solution design, software development, and project management to system connection, process integration, and hosting to maintenance and support. Plus business-case calculation, product lifecycle management (PLM), marketing support, and much more. Regardless of whether it is a consumer, enterprise, or wholesale business: with an end-to-end service partner, it is much easier.

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App Development
Know How, with double benefit for you

You want to benefit from the advantages of mobile applications? You want an app that is well received and pays dividends? We will fulfill this wish for you – on the basis of the most varied platforms and frameworks for any terminal device, whether smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch. In order that functionality, look-and-feel, and performance are all correct, we work for you end-to-end. We know what makes apps successful and implement that for you economically. So you profit twice.

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Software Development
Innovation, when you need it 

You want to offer customers innovative features and products? Or optimize software for your own needs? We take care of that: by developing complete new solutions, adapting, extending, and combining existing software, as well as programming interfaces and integrating them in existing infrastructures. Needless to say, with the most modern tools and methods as well as all commercial program languages. We create innovation for you. Precisely at the moment you need it.

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System Integration
Competence to increase your flexibility

You need a reliable partner for system integrations? Just leave it to us and our experts. Whereas others are active in an average of only two industrial branches, we have competence and experience in five: the automotive industry, finances, government, media, and telecommunications. Add to this concentrated IT know-how. Thus we cover multiple needs and can take on almost any project for you. In short: You have more leeway and can also keep your back free for your core business.

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Managed Services
Engagement, that puts you on the safer side

You want to protect yourself against unforeseeable costs and risks? You don’t want to make your internal systems and processes even more complex? You are looking for a precise and reliable service solution? COCUS is a specialist in managed services. As managed service provider, we offer far more than innovative software and individual solutions. We also take over its provision, integration, operation, and maintenance. So we are a one-stop shop, which means you are on the safe side.

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